In Memoriam

In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.”
― Dante Alighieri

In our adolescence, most of us are swept up by the “unparalleled”pressure to fit in with the majority, often neglecting the unique things about ourselves and doing our best to ignore our different social backgrounds- the things that make us, “us”. We learn to oppress the minority who are proud and happy to be themselves. We learn to repress diversity in ideas and actions and we worship those who have attained popularity superficially, and strive to be like them, no matter the cost.

We trivialise others’ insecurities and problems; desensitize ourselves to their feelings and emotions, and we- like we are any better-clump them under the term “drama”.

We see people who scorn those who are flamboyant in their relationships, naming them “slut”. We see them slander those who are comfortable with their bodies, terming them “b***h” for choosing to spend to indulge in themselves. We see them ostracize those “wierdos”, who are happy in their own skins and let their personality shine through without restraint. The confident ones are snobbish and pragmatic means sly. Yet, funny how given the opportunity, these people do not hesitate to sell their self-dignity for a few moments of superficial popularity.

They speak ill of friends and foe alike, but in their presence, act like the best of friends. Their sweet words and demeanor enthrall all the masses and hide the venom within.Like insects stuck in a silky web, their “friends” realise their naivety too late.

Everyone accepts such people, and even look up to them, but when someone speaks their mind honestly, without any pretense, they are considered “villains” and easily swept aside. Oh the hypocrisy…

They say there are no friends among politicians. Little did I know there are no friends among fools either!

Stuck with such a crowd, I found myself swept along with the tide. Trusting the wrong person, I bared myself to a devil in disguise. It led me into a labyrinth of sin and I nearly descended into its posse of filth. I loved her like a sister, but turns out, I was merely a toy.

But now I have woken up. The old me is dead. Her honey-coated words won’t deceive me again. I leave her hugging her loyal followers, rolling in the deep ditch of folly, and follow my virgil out of her purgatory.



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